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Jean-Paul Boiler Suit, Part 2: Expansion Pack

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

My love affair with Jean-Paul #jpreadytosew continued when I excitedly bought the expansion pack. And with it, I made this hot-pink version:

This expansion pack allows you to modify the original version of the boiler suit with options to add a drawstring, hidden placket, front trousers with slanted pockets, 3/4 sleeves and a dress conversion. Definitely well worth the 6 Euros. And as usual with all Ready To Sew patterns when you buy the pdf file, all instructions come in French, Spanish and English. That means double value for money for those multi-lingual sewists out there.

As for me, a true jumpsuit junkie, my armpits were sweating with excitement just by clicking "add to cart" on this item. I had the perfect fushia, fuchia, fushcia, WTF FUCHSIA! fabric in my stash for it. Did I say FUCHSIA! is my fave colour? I just need to know how to spell it. My only complaint about this make is that the fabric is a little too droopy for JP. My husband thinks it's fine (because husbands care less when their rivals have droopiness issues), but I don't really like that slight upturn at the shoulder seams, and the lack of structure in the overall fit. Is that a sewing booboo, or should I just blame it on the fabric? Even so, I joyfully wear this out flaws and all, because - FUCHSIA!

Anyhoo, I still wasn’t ready to turn my back on Jean-Paul and jumped on ”him” again to satisfy the addiction. This time with an outrageously (maybe overly) cutesy Kokka cotton print of Japanese dolls and chrysanthemums in black, grey, red, white, and baby pink. It goes great on its own or with my fave FUCHSIA! long-sleeved T. Again, I made it sleeveless so that I can wear it in the Tel Aviv winter and summer.

I’m especially proud of this one because of the care I took in pattern-matching the breast pockets and button placket to the bodice. I also pattern-matched the bodice to the front trousers. It was a miracle that I did this with 3 metres of 110cm fabric. And the topstitching is not so shabby, isn’t it? Impressive work, I must say. The best thing is how the shell buttons land (lucky coincidence) on the doll's nose. Kawaii!!!

Jean-Paul gave me hours of endless pleasure, hope it will satisfy you too. So that sums up my fourth tryst with JP, but I will always be dreaming of our next escapade.

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