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PATTERN REVIEW: Sloane Overalls by Victory Patterns

After sewing up these Sloane Overalls by Victory Patterns, I tried them on and didn't want to take them off. I guess you can say I am IN LOVE! It's been a while since I've made myself a set of overalls, and this fitted pair is stunning.

I wasn't so sure about the fitted look for a pair of overalls, but now that I have them on, there is no doubt in my mind that I would wear them as much as I can. I would also sew up another pair in another colour as soon as I have the time to do it as well.

I am so chuffed that I chose this Lady McElroy stretch denim in a lemon yellow for the sewing pattern. Even though the pattern is drafted for a non-stretch medium-weight woven, the 2% of spandex in the cotton provides the denim with the right amount of give for the overalls to fit me perfectly. The stretch allows for ultimate comfort when I am wearing them and total freedom of movement. And it is impossible not to feel jubilant in that shade of yellow. Wearing this brilliant colour puts an automatic smile on my face, and instantly lifts my spirits. I feel like I become sunshine, radiating happiness. The amazing shade of yellow reminds me of mango-pineapple sorbet or a lemon custard pie. Coupled with the chocolate top-stitching, the overalls make me feel I'm wearing dessert. Big thanks to Minerva for gifting me this lemony denim deliciousness in exchange for a blog post. The fabric literally makes me salivate.

The Sloane overalls are incredibly versatile, and will see me through the warmer and the colder months. It can be worn with a shirt or t-shirt underneath, which gives it a more casual vibe. With the princess seams and the cool, roomy patch pockets, these overalls are definitely more of a fashion statement compared to a regular pair of denim overalls. Other design elements like the top-stitched centre seams of both front and back pants, and the hardware for the straps elevate the overalls to a very chic version of workwear.

However, I think the garment really shines when worn alone with a pair of heels. With the back straps strategically positioned to hide your bra-straps, the overalls become a jumpsuit that can be worn on its own.

This one-piece wonder is the perfect outfit to wear to a Coachella concert, or I will boldly state that one can even perform on the Coachella stage with it. There's a certain glam that comes with this heightened style of utility wear that is truly rock-star worthy. I imagine it's also something a Charlie's Angel would wear.

Sizes for the pattern come in 0-18. I sewed a size 2 at the bust graded to a 4 at the waist and hips. Another adjustment I made was to the length of the pants by reducing them by 10cm. I also did a small bust adjustment according to instructions provided by the Sloane Bust Adjustment Tutorial available on the Victory Patterns blog. There are helpful tips there for a full bust adjustment as well. Additionally, there's an optional tummy stay that is included in the pattern and I think it really helps to keep the tummy area more streamlined since the overalls are quite fitted. That's an added bonus provided that I used, and am happy that I included it in my garment.

The instructions are very good in Victory Patterns. They guided me through my first attempt at shirring for the Sofia Dress and here, they guided me smoothly through my first attempt at an exposed zipper. I also like how the sewing steps were in an order that conveniently put all the topstitching in sections, so that I don't have to think about how to batch-sew the top-stitching myself. That was very considerate! The only problem I encountered was at Step 22 when I had to attach the facing to the bodice. I think there is a small mistake where the notches are made in the front facing and in the pictures in the instruction manual. According to the notches and the pictures, I would be serging the top edge of the facing instead of the bottom, and this stumped me for a bit. I will write to Victory Patterns and clarify this with them because perhaps I am the one that was mistaken.

Another thing that caused me some angst was the zipper. It was quite a challenge procuring one with brass metal teeth in the length and colour that I wanted. The only one available was a separating zipper that doesn't work for an exposed zipper installation. Long story short: I ended up having to remove teeth from the bottom end of the separating zipper, and found out the hard way how the phrase "pulling teeth" was coined.

The phrase refers to teeth from humans and zippers. It was a Herculean task that took me an hour to remove 14 teeth. I almost pulled out my own hair (and teeth) in frustration while struggling to do this with the only viable (but rusty) tool that I could find in my husband's toolbox. But I grit my teeth (sorry, I couldn't resist), bore it and got it done!

Anyway, besides these 2 snafus, the sewing experience was an enjoyable and exciting one. As the garment was taking shape, I became more exhilarated by the cleverness of the design. I really am very impressed by Kristiann's designs, and I am so ready to try out more of her patterns.

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