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Practical PJs with Simplicity #2318

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Perhaps my most well-worn handmade garments are from Simplicity 2318 - Boys' & Men's Loungewear & Dog Top.

There are numerous views included in this pattern: a raglan top with short and long sleeves, and a pair of pants that can be long or short. There's even an option for a top for your canine if it needs something to lounge around in the house, or if clothes-matching with your pet is high on your list of priorities. Since I don't own a dog, I can't give any feedback on the dog-top pattern. My apologies.

On the other hand, the view that I sew up the most is the loungewear pants in the shorter length for both boys and men. So far, I've made twelve pairs of these shorts. My husband and my son love how comfortable they are. The boys' satisfaction with these pants caused enough envy in my daughter to beg for a pair for herself to wear. I crumbled under the insistent begging and did it. As you can see, they fit her perfectly in her tom-boy stance. She's officially a member of the loungewear gang. My son has since grown to a size L, and demanded larger pairs, which I've complied to make. Which means that my daughter has inherited his size M shorts. So everyone is truly happy now.

The loungewear pants can be made with woven or knit fabrics. They have an elastic waistband and two pockets - one on the right back pant leg, and one centred on the side seam on the left. The practicality of this pattern is the pants can be whipped up in a jiffy. My fastest time is 90 minutes from cutting to sewing in the last stitch. Not bad for a sewing snail like me.

The other view I attempted is view A for boys, which is a short-sleeve raglan T-shirt. The long-sleeve version is basically an addition of a longer sleeve that attaches to the short-sleeve view. The pattern actually calls the short-sleeve pattern piece a yoke. Sewn without the longer addition, the sleeve ends high on the arm, just a little past the shoulder seam line. This is a good look for any guy who wants to show off his biceps. The top (and I believe the dog-top as well), unlike the bottoms, should only be sewn up in a knit fabric. A front pocket adds a nice sporty detail.

For my boy, I reversed the fabric for some colour-blocking on the yoke/sleeves, pocket and neckband. My son loves this special PJ combination so much that when I finished making them, he wore these PJs every night for more than a month. He refused to put them in the wash, and I didn't know if I should feel proud or petrified.

The make was a pleasant one, and the problems I encountered had nothing to do with the instructions themselves. I had cut the neckband in the opposite direction that was suggested. A silly mistake that cost me some time, but it was no biggie. I would make more of these. I think the shirt looks quite handsome.

There are days (and nights) when my three darlings are in their 2318 loungewear shorts, which give me special gratification to know that their tushies are comfortably and cosily attired.

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