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Zen and the Art of the Zadie Jumpsuit

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Everyone has gone gaga over the Zadie Jumpsuit. And the reason is clear. It is effortless in its design, easy to make, easy to wear and so effective. Designed by Paper Theory Patterns (which advocates slow fashion), the Zadie was probably the top jumpsuit pattern of 2019. Seems like everyone (and their cat) has reviewed this pattern, so what more can I add?

First when I put this on, I feel Buddhist monk vibes in a good way. The fit is relaxed but dignified. It Zens me out immediately, and I feel Karma is on my side. I can be calm and focused when facing a Samuria-zombie apocalypse. It appeals to my love for the Japanese sensibility and aesthetic for simple, clean lines.

What I love best about the pattern is the way the wrap creates this origami pleat that falls across the crotch of the front trousers. It is engineering genius how this fold of fabric looks like an accident, but its form delicately performs the function of the overlap that closes up the front crotch. Minimum effort, maximum results.

Sizes run UK size 6-20 and 16-28, and the pattern has quite a bit of built-in ease. So even though my body measurements put me in a size 8, I sewed up a size 6. A quick check of the finished measurements chart showed there was going to be more than enough room to do a flying kick, or eat a whole fried chicken. I chose to do the option B, the sleeveless version. And I chose an orange linen with mustard striations. It's a fabric probably intended for table cloths and cushions, but perfect for my Zadie.

The drafting fit me perfectly with zero gaping in the wrap. I read how many reviewers adjusted the rise of the crotch and the length of the bodice, but I didn't do any of those things. Lucky me. The only thing I did was to lengthen the waist ties by 4 inches, and I widened them by half an inch. The original ties were too delicate-looking for me, and I wanted a more Judo-gi kind of look. Plus, something more hefty to cinch in the waist will come in helpful when I do eat that whole fried chicken. This meant that I also widened the corresponding size of the vent on the right side of the bodice so that I can easily pull the waist tie through it.

I want to conclude by giving credit to my photographer, who happens to also be my son, and my true Zen master/teacher.

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